Fire Inspections and Permits


restaurant grease fireNeglected keep up on cleaning results in fires

Certain cities in Minnesota require a fire permit to be pulled for hood cleaning.  Although it is an extra charge, it is a good idea so that your establishment is getting cleaned thoroughly by a certified professional such as Alpine and their staff. Shown is a picture of a compressed fryer that caught fire from lack of cleaning. Don’t let yourself become a victim of fire when Alpine is here for the hire!

Are you looking for a reliable cleaning company that will guarantee to pass your local fire inspection?

Are you worried your current cleaning company isn’t pulling a permit?

We as a family owned business guarantees that we will pass any fire inspection in any city! The cities that require inspections in Minnesota are:


Brooklyn Park



Eden Prairie


Golden Valley

Inver Grove Heights


New Hope




and West St. Paul.

Alpine will handle all permits and set up any appointment necessary to complete the cleaning service and inspections at no additional charge! Alpine is a no-worry company that will fulfill ALL preparations such as permits, security if needed, and building engineer scheduling amongst any other requirement for after hours cleaning. Alpine will keep you in our system so when it is time for servicing at any one location, Alpine will call you to schedule our services and take care of all other requirements every time, Guaranteed!